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Constructing a pool table

Learners studying Level 2 and Level 3 Diploma in Bricklaying worked as part of a team over the Enterprise Week to design, set out and construct a pool table. Design ideas were drawn by a number of learners to ascertain if it was possible to construct a pool table from bricks and concrete.

The first ideas were good and the table would look like a pool table, however as the learners would not be able to play a game, it was back to the drawing board. The second set of drawings complete with a specification was feasible, however the drawing did not allow for sustainable and recyclable materials. The third set of drawings used recyclable materials including bricks and mortar can be reused once taken down and the timber base will be recycled in to a notice board. Drainage pipes will be used for the pockets and expansion joints for the cushions. Once built, this table could be played on which is important to the learners as a tournament will take place and money will be raised for charity. The learners charged other learners and staff £1 to play a game of pool and then they can play as many games thereafter.

The Charity chosen by the learners is Saint Katherines Hospice. Money is still coming in from learners and contributions from their families. The learners called a meeting with staff to arrange time scales as the table was to be completed in their own time. The construction staff left the learners to manage their own time and set out and complete the construction of the pool table to the specification they had chosen. The learners used a number of techniques they had studied to complete the table including setting out, using optical levels, constructing piers, concreting and drainage. The principles are the same to construct a house as to construct a pool table!

The learners informed me that the pool table was probably the most level table in the world once completed. None of the learners would play the first game as they were frightened that the table would not work. Eventually two learners plucked up the courage and had a game. The game had to be postponed for a couple of minutes as no one had realised the spots were missing where the white ball is place before the first break. After this minor hiccup was the first game was ready to be played. To both learners and staff amazement, the table was outstanding and worked perfect. The next problem was to ensure learners got to lessons on time instead of playing on their new masterpiece!

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