Who dunnit?

On Wednesday 19th May the Bishop Burton College National Diploma Applied Science (Forensic) learners held a murder mystery fundraising event and the money raised was donated to their chosen charity; Cancer Research UK. In preparation for the event the learners met on a weekly basis in order to plan and prepare the ‘Whos Dunnit?’ scenario. All the learners enjoy the Forensic element of their course so this event gave great scope for applying the knowledge they had gained in their first year at BBC. On hand to help with the in depth preparation of the scenario was our Forensic Lecturer and Crime Scene Investigator whose wealth of knowledge and real life experience guided the learners in producing the sequence of events.

The group decided to have three suspects linked to the murder of an unlucky man named Dave, each having a different motive. The college staff and learners had to decide between the betrayed wife, the angry mistress and the redundant boss. For those participants who were determined to find the murderer, the group produced and revised a timeline of events and presented various pieces of evidence. Learners were divided into groups to prepare the posters for each suspect containing specific clues and facts. On the day the entry charge was 50p to guess a suspect, this included asking the team 2 questions to help determine the murderer as well as studying the clues and evidence presented. More questions could be asked at a cost of 10p for those really determined the find out ‘Whos Dunnit?’. To help drum up business some learners wore their Forensic suits around campus to promote the event (Very hot work on a Sunny Day!).

Well done to all participants who selected the Mistress as the murderer, she ‘accidentally’ stabbed Dave in self defence with a kitchen knife in his house following an argument about their affair, both the Boss and the Wife had an alibi.

The winner was selected at random from all the correct entries and £23 was raised and donated to Cancer Research UK.

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