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Six Music Technology students have set up a Young Enterprise Company called ‘Sound Ads’ to produce a range of music based services including the compilation of music CDs for use with accelerated learning in the college and the production of commerical radio adverts for local businesses.

The company is run through Young Enterprise Yorkshire and Humberside. The students form a board of directors, have a bank account and sell shares in the company. They hold regular board meetings where each member has a specific role. The company aims to make a profit by the end of the year when the company will be liquidated and any profits shared between the members.

This is a fantasitc ‘real-life’ learning experience where the students need to be pro-active in taking charge of important decisions which will have a real effect upon the performance of the company.

The board of directors comprises of:

Cain Cookson – Managing Director
Steve Smith – Business Advisor
Jacob Brookes – Marketing Director
Gareth Farrar – Company Secretary
Jamie Potter – Human Resources Director
Matthew Williamson – Finance Director
Ben Garbett – I.T. Director

Choosing suitable music for your accelerated learning can be difficult if you want to please both students and tutors, so Sound Ads will produce a CD tailored to your needs. Give them a brief outlining, the age group, subject and nature of your lesson and they will produce your CD for £10.00.

You can e-mail me and I will arrange for them to come to speak to you.

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