Students Vintage RSPCA project

The Interior Design students at Calderdale College have been taking the lead in a vintage revamp of the RSPCA charity shop on Queens Road, Halifax in the hope of attracting a broader audience to their store.

The Art and Design department within College was approached by Diane Whitehead, the local area manager of the RSPCA of Halifax and Huddersfield, for a creative contribution from students to improve the charity shop’s image. The second year students of the Foundation Degree in 3D Architectural took on the venture naming their project Vintage RSPCA. The students thoroughly researched into their assignment, as well as putting forth questions to the area manager concerning the constraints and requirements of their clients. The students themselves were given five large spaces within the charity shop on Queens Road. For the students to generate ideas they engaged in group discussions to produce original designs, along with independent thought contributions.

After establishing their ideas the students put them into visuals and scale drawings, developing their final presentations ready for Diane Whitehead’s review.

Erica Davies, a student involved in the project, quoted ‘The Vintage RSPCA project was very demanding for the group as the sheer size of the areas we were working with were so large, however the blank canvases that were given to us really allowed the group to prove their creative standing. I believe we have achieved the upmarket vintage look they were looking for. ’

The students work genuinely impressed the area manager as she has decided to present the designs to the RSPCA’s Board of Trustees with the intention of running the designs throughout the whole of the RSPCA organisation

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