Enterprise – by Animal management learners

Animal Management students at Askham-Bryan College provided tours for groups of children around the college’s animal unit. They explained where the animals came from, what their dietary requirements were and general husbandry. They also gave handling demonstrations with the opportunity for the children to have a go. In addition to this – students also explained the issues of having pets for Christmas and with the use of posters communicated this, which was done by the First Diploma students.

Skills demonstrated in practical sessions were put into practice through evening tours, with the degree students take the lead in organising and delegating responsibility to National Diploma students and therefore built on their leadership skills.

LLDD students raise money for Children in Need

Students grew their own pumpkins from seeds using some of the essential skills studying on the NPTC Skills for Working Life (Horticulture pathway) and then used them to make soup, using cookery skills from their integrated independent living programme. They also made homemade bread rolls to sell alongside the soup to raise money for Children in Need.

The students were also responsible for promoting the event and producing the marketing materials to advertise it. Posters and flyers were developed in their ICT classes and these were distributed across college.

Several local restaurants kindly donated bacon packs for the event and on the actual day, some of the students prepared bacon rolls as an additional item for the menu while others were responsible for taking the money and calculating the correct change, using numeracy skills developed in their Basic Skills sessions. The event raised £97.50 for Children in Need.

This event provided an ideal opportunity to integrate and combine a range of vocational skills that the students have learned at college.They were able to see how these skills can be used in different contexts and at the same time made a significant contribution to a very worthwhile cause.

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