Enterprise Activities in GEW

On Tuesday 16th November, teams of students across the Technology Campus researched, deliberated and pitched imaginative and creative business ideas. The challenge was to create a product that could be sold on a market stall, making full use of the increased trade in the run up to the Christmas period. Teams had to be innovative but at the same time show the practical skill to set up a business with a genuine chance of success.

Eight teams were selected to go through to pitch their idea in front of a team of financial experts and entrepreneurs. The standard was incredibly high and it took some time for a decision to be made. The panel felt that every single pitch showed innovation and clear business knowledge. Teams had carried out extensive research and really shown that they may well be the entrepreneurs of the future. Ideas ranged from a stall who’d return your unwanted presents for you to mats to increase traction on icy days, from t-shirts to peddle- powered phone chargers and time-saving brushes, with gel included.

Although there were merits to all of the pitches, the panel had to identify a winner and two runners up. Some tough negotiations followed and finally, the panel were able to reach a decision.

In third place, they selected the USB ID badge, created by ND Games Development Group B. This innovative idea combined a traditional ID badge, like the ones you wear for college, with a built-in USB device that could be flipped out and used for college work. A great deal of research had been done to identify target audience and ensure security.

In second place, the panel selected personalised, hand-made gingerbread gift sets. This idea fully embraced the whole ethos of the challenge as the team had really thought about products that would appeal to Christmas shoppers. They had even thought about how the product could be produced by drawing on those talented students at Thomas Danby, working in catering, to save on production costs.

There could only be one winner and the panel decided unanimously that this should be Games Diploma Group A with their unique (and useful) drink to support staff and students alike through the party season. This wasn’t an alcoholic drink but rather a restorative drink to support you through the inevitable hangover! The team had really thought about how the product would be packaged and the benefits of the ingredients they’d use. The drink was packed full of vitamins to ensure a speedy recovery. The most impressive part of their pitch was the attention to detail in investigating bank loans and finding a company that could produce the bottles and the contents. The panel felt that this could really work. The team would meet the needs of their target audience, the carefully considered set of ingredients made the product unique and the financial planning evidenced how they’d make a profit. Congratulations to Games Diploma Group A and all of the budding entrepreneurs who participated.

The anti-bullying competition ran for a couple of weeks before the Global Enterprise Week and was promoted through the student intranet. Entrants had to produce and cost a marketable produce with an anti-bullying slogan or image. The competition was won by Louise Gasper-Brown from Park Lane campus. Louise produced a water bottle with an anti- bullying slogan.

A representative from HSBC visited Leeds City College on the Friday of the week and made a presentation relating to financing new businesses. This event was well attended including students from Nari Ekta and promoted great interest with a number of students asking for further information.

Presentations from female entrepreneurs to mark Women into Enterprise, due to take place on the Wednesday of the week have been postponed until after Christmas.

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