Freak Audio

Ben Ziapour and Joe Thwaites are hoping that the GE Bootcamp will help them put the final

pieces in place to begin marketing their business professionally.

Both graduates of Leeds College of Music, Ben and Joe have jointly set up Freak Audio, providing music composition, sound design, voice over and integration for films, animations and computer games.

Already working with student and indie projects – and benefiting from proof of concept funding from Leeds College of Music – the two are looking to Bootcamp particularly for the legal and marketing advice on offer.

“Freak audio is a creative business and that’s where our talents lie, so getting help with the legal side will be invaluable,” says Ben. “We think the one-to-one sessions will be really useful. It’s great to have an opportunity to get this kind of advice which normally businesses like ours would have to pay a lot for.

“We’re also hoping the Bootcamp will help us consolidate our business plan and identify areas which need fleshing out, to ensure we’re ready to start marketing our services more widely. The proof of concept funding has helped us buy some of the equipment we needed to provide a really professional service, so with the help of Bootcamp, we’ll be ready to go for it.”

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