Animal solutions – Collar a new lead

Case Study 2008/09

“Animal Solutions” the company formed by last year’s National Year 2 Animal Care & Management students, has been taken over. A successful take over has been brought about by this year’s Year 2 students buying up the majority of the shares of the Company and have formed a new board of directors and appointed new staff.

The new Board of Directors intend to continue in the development of the work into Canine Dentures and caps and are also backing their research team in providing many other solutions to the needs of animals and their owners. Work is in progress to provide an all in one solution to dog owner’s needs. At present, details of the work on the prototype are being kept a closely guarded secret.

Another exciting venture to be launched shortly is Pet PAW TRAITS. Animal Solution photographers will provide portraits of your pets in unique settings. The Company is also looking to publish a CD series of Children’s stories by a local author. These stories tell the story of a cat and the many different animals he meets. The stories have an animal welfare theme running through them. Research has shown that even people older than the intended audience enjoy these stories. The new Board of Directors have decided to continue the policy of donating profits made to animal Charities.

Animal Solutions can be contacted at the Business Centre Point room AA 19. Telephone 0114 260 2054

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