College students revamp Wildcats’ website…

A team of web developers from a popular web design course at Wakefield College put their skills to the test after redesigning the Wakefield Wildcats’ website. The new website, which went live this week, was completed by students Tim Stringer, Greg Carrick and Sam Harris who have all recently successfully completed the Foundation Degree in Web Design at the College’s Thornes Park Campus.

The revamp of the website, which took more than six months to complete, forms part of the portfolio the students are asked to produce as part of their assessment.
Francis Stephenson, the Wildcats’ Director of Operations, said: “Web design is constantly changing and we wanted to be at the forefront of the new developments. Wakefield College and the Wildcats have recently launched a Media Partnership and the initiative to re-vamp the Wildcats’ website came out of the discussions about the Partnership. We’re absolutely delighted with the end result and we believe that our fans will be equally pleased with the site which is both attractive on the eye and user friendly.

“I would like to thank our partners in this project, Wakefield College, as well as Steve Smith, the Foundation Degree in Web Design course co-ordinator at the College, and his team for all their hard work. It just goes to prove that firmly based partnerships within Wakefield can produce excellent results for the end users and we hope that the College are just as happy with the Wildcats’ new website as we are.”

Web Design lecturer, Steve Smith, added: “The opportunity to work with such a prestigious client as the Wildcats doesn’t happen very often, so when we discovered they would be interested in a new website, we jumped at the chance to provide it for them.

“Such projects take learning out of the classroom and into the real world, and provide the students with invaluable commercial experience. They’re exactly what Foundation Degree qualifications are about.

“I’d like to thank Francis Stephenson and the Wildcats for having the confidence to commission us, and to compliment the website’s development team for producing such an outstanding result.”

Tim Stringer, who led the development team, concluded: “Working with external clients like the Wildcats has really helped me put the things I have learnt on the course into context. It’s not just the formal web and design skills either; there are many other employability skills I’ve gained without realising it.”

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