Newsletter – March 2010

Embedding Enterprise in Further Education Newsletter

March 2010

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Enterprising FE Newsletter!

A number of exciting developments have happened in the last quarter including the Efe Framework tool now completed and ready to start using (by colleges in the project ONLY), the 3rd March Network event at The Source and a number of colleges taking part in inspiring enterprise activity.

Brief update on regional college enterprise activity:01

>Leeds City College – (Technology Campus) All student tutors received training and access to resources to deliver an enterprise tutorial for all full time learners and held some very successful enterprise week activities including an anti-bullying campaign and a Business breakfast attended by Sir Tom Farmer (founder of Kwik Fit)

>Craven College – ‘Beyond Expectation’ was an event hosted with Craven College by Terry Hodgkinson, Chair of Yorkshire Forward, as the Alchemist and friends. The event was based on a book written by Terry which told the story of people, places and events in his life which helped him to develop, grow and achieve. The event provided inspiration and laughter with the very clear message to ‘dare to dream- you can succeed’.

>Barnsley College – have recently appointed an Enterprise and Enrichment Coordinator to drive activity within the college

>Shipley College – held an Enterprise Day to fulfil project outputs which (with a lot of planning!), was very successful and engaged in students across college and met outputs in 1 day, this included an enterprise ideas generating and presentation day. This session was supported by a CPD session for staff. Shipley have also taken part in the Step up enterprise Market Challenge.

>Sheffield College – Practical Skills students launched the Four Seasons Gallery at Norton College showcasing pieces of art and making commission on the sales. This stemmed from an initial dragons den scheme where students pitched for money to start the venture

>Askham-Bryan College – is home to the UK WorldSkills Landscape Academy and Harry Turner, landscape manager and horticulture lecturer, is the UK Team Training Manager

>Calderdale College – a group of students took part in the Princes Trust Challenge 500 programme and raised money for the trust in addition to this they undertook a fundraiser to raise funds for the Haiti appeal and raised £150

>Hull College – have a full week of activities planned in Money Week including cooking demonstrations with Sainsbury and are taking part in MYM with a Tenner competition

Well done colleges and keep up the fantastic work!

For case studies and more information do check on individual college pages on

Efe Framework

The enterprise framework tool is now complete and ready for participant colleges in the project to start using. Colleges should have now received instruction on registering their respective details on the site, as mentioned this tool will facilitate and audit enterprise activity within your college and allow for progress to be more feasible with the support of the project and other colleges.

5 members of staff will need to complete the online questions, these 5 are: a member of SMT, Enterprise Champion/Coordinator, 1 tutor (vocational), 1 tutor (academic) and a member of support staff.

The questions will take no longer than 25 minutes and colleges will be prompted to provide examples of evidence (a few lines online), an upload of documents facility will be added shortly. Following on from results, a spider diagram will be produced with results that can be shared within the FE network.

Colleges are strongly encouraged to use this tool, it is a fantastic tool which is not being used anywhere else in the UK and resulting actions can help shape and inform both internal enterprise agenda as well as regional and national strategy.

Efe Entrepreneurs Club49

A session ran on the 17th March for colleges in order to help facilitate and kick start this with colleges participating in the college, this was facilitated by York University Entrepreneurs Society. For colleges who were unable to attend, please get in touch if you would like to know more and get involved in this. YPEF are offering £200 to colleges to help facilitate start up, this is a student led club and fantastic opportunity to engage with students across college.

How to section:

A number of colleges have asked; what do I count as enterprise activity? What should be included in beneficiary data and how can we facilitate staff CPD?

Here goes….

As we all know enterprise and more specifically enterprise activity is widely interpreted and varies from college to college. No one particular college is right or wrong and activities can be both curriculum based or extra curricular.

Examples of what to include:

-Enterprise Week activities (November 2009)

-Any Make your Mark competitions / initiatives (eg MYM with a tenner)

-Local initiatives (e.g Step up challenges, ELP and SSAT events/sessions) providing these figures are not double counted anywhere else

-Regional and national events/sessions attended (national FEEN events)

-Specific themed events which may have resulted in funds (fundraisers, charity appeals, dragons dens, bake sales, plant sales, money week, volunteer week) where students have been required to plan an event

-Internal competitions raising awareness of current campaigns requiring students to plan, organise and highlight issues (e.g anti bullying, green campaigns)

-Setting up and running of social enterprises in College (and overseas!)

-Other enrichment based activities

-Enterprise in Tutorials

-Student Union society activity

-Entrepreneur / Enterprise clubs and forums (student led)

-Attending trade and specialist shows showcasing goods, products and services (e.g Harrogate Flower Show, Great Yorkshire Show)

-Enterprise related work placements

-Enterprise modules in qualifications

For staff CPD programmes a modular programme is being available for project participants to help facilitate Enterprise CPD in colleges. There are a number of 2 hour modules which colleges can undertake and funding will be available to support this. Get in touch if you wish to access this.

The FE Enterprise Conference 3rd March 201005

Thanks to all who attended and do see the pictures from the event on the website. . .the aim of this day was to bring together potential and existing colleges in the FE network, facilitate sharing of good practice and sharing of current developments in FE Enterprise including linkages with Information Advice and Guidance, the impact of the National Enterprise Academy and the development of the Efe Framework Tool and the impact for colleges.

Thanks to all for the positive feedback!

Next event date

16th June 2010 at Weetwood Hall in Leeds will be the next project event. This event will showcase activity amongst regional colleges, share and disseminate best practice and will be recognising those colleges who have participated and made substantial progress in their enterprise journey.

Opportunities/events and updates:

The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust is looking to recruit Champions to promote and support the development of “Adding Up To A Lifetime” (AUTAL). If you are interested in this applying for this role, please contact:

Qualify with a Business

Colleges were asked to complete information needed to help progress and inform ongoing research into this. Please could participating colleges complete the circulated ‘Regional FE Qualifications Update’ ASAP to take this forward.


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